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AMSC ConnectED Mass Notification Service

Make sure You can Receive AMSC *ConnectED* Emergency or Community Outreach Messages on Your Cell Phone!!

After you log in, go to the Person Information (link or tab) and click Update Address(es) and Phone(s) to enter your cell phone or text-enabled device number, Use *SMS Protocol for ConnectED Use* as the telephone type.

Remember to delete old phone numbers also.

Thank you for using the AMSC ConnectED Mass Notification Service to help us protect you better!!

Register Now for Summer 2018

Early Registration: March 2 - April 27, 2018

Fee Payment Deadline (By> 5:00 p.m.):

10-Week Term and 1st 5 - Week: >May 11, 2018

8-Week Term and 2nd 5-Week:> June 2, 2018

Late Registration ($50 Late Fee Applies):

10-Week Term and 1st 5-Week: >May 14-15, 2018

8-Week Term:> June 4-5, 2018

2nd 5-Week:> June 26-27, 2018

Register Now for Fall 2018

Registration: March 2 -August 19, 2018

Late Registration (Add/Drop): August 20-22, 2018

Apply today at FAFSA.gov

Click here for Academic Advisement Checklist

All University System of Georgia schools will adopt


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